50 in 50

That's the goal.

Speak to 50 customers in 50 days.

I have three objectives:

🔥 Understand *their* business context and priorities 🔥

- On your next board update, what points are you most focused on / concerned about?
- What do you think your board or owners are most concerned about?
- What does your organization need to get better at in the next 12 months?
- If you had an hour with an industry leader, what would you ask them?

🔥 Understand the role we play in their organization 🔥

- If we went away tomorrow what would you lose?
- If another competitor called you tomorrow what would you do?
- What does your team say about Higher Logic when we’re not around?

🔥 Understand gaps and where we can improve 🔥

- What would make you a customer for life? (uncover gaps in our offerings)
- If I took away every tool and resource you have, which one would you beg me to have back? (What’s truly a priority and strategic to them?)
- What’s the biggest surprise you had in the first six months of working with us? (Identify misalignment between marketing and reality)


Asking great questions helps us learn.

And deepen relationships.

What questions should we add to this list?

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