We talk about playbooks a lot in customer success.

Here’s what they are...

A playbook is a specific, predefined customer engagement process that consists of the following 5 elements:

1. An objective
A statement of what it is we need to accomplish (e.g. build a relationship with new executive sponsor)

2. Activity description
A short narrative overview of the process; how the activity should be carried out.

3. Roles & responsibilities
The people involved in this activity (both customer- and company side).

4. Process steps
A list or diagram of the steps to complete, includes details of how to log and track activities in CRM or CS platform.

5. Tools and templates
The materials to use when running the play. Could be a presentation template, an email template, a cheat sheet, excel template, guide, etc.

Common playbooks for CSMs include the following:

- Executive business reviews
- New customer CSM intro
- Customer cadence call
- Exec sponsor intro
- Health check call
- Renewal
- etc...

Don’t boil the ocean.

Don’t over complicate it.

Pick five activities you want the team to do with customers consistently. Workshop together, document them, teach the team, and go.

As the team runs the plays, gather feedback, make improvements, and enable the team.

The key is to write them down, create a library, and continuously improve and add more playbooks.

This will help you onboard team members faster, and drive consistency in how the team executes.

What are the go-to playbooks for your CS team, and what tools fo you use to track them?

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