#CustomerSuccess People: Time to temporarily rethink our customer segmentation approach to focus on current state of the business.

Right now we need to prioritize. And maximize what we can do for our customers without becoming a burden.

Here's how we're categorizing our clients right now (this applies outside of B2B tech companies):

Segment 1: Battening down the hatches

They don't need or want to talk to us right now. Action plan: give them some space to work. Don't go completely radio-silent, but we're not trying to talk about new initiatives, and certainly not aiming to expand.

Segment 2: Evaluating systems and processes

They are using this time to identify how to become more efficient. Action plan: We **might** be part of the solution here, engage and figure out how you can provide value.

Segment 3: Doubling down

There are certain industries that are thriving in this situation. How can we engage to serve them better right now? They are probably scaling fast and need to take advantage of this moment. Action plan: Go out of your way to support these customers.

An informal and EMPATHETIC outreach to inquire about well-being and which category they fall into will suffice.

How are you adjusting your account prioritization strategy this week?

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