Customers are making buying decisions right now.

And they’re doing it without talking to our sales teams, or reading our case studies.

They are getting information from the communities they hang out in..

The good, the bad, the ugly.

And these conversations are happening in places you can’t measure (e.g. MQLs, SQLs…).

If you’re not present you won’t know.

I believe every SaaS company should focus on two things to win:

1. Building brand advocates -

use your customer success team to lead the charge, make sure customers are achieving outcomes, and having a great experience.

2. Building and engaging in community -

create a tribe of people in your industry that will engage in open dialog. Faciliatate meaningful conversations with them. Get active in the places they are active (even if you don’t own those places). Learn. Iterate.

Community isn’t just a nice-to-have - it’s mission critical to compete and win.

How are you using community as part of your go to market strategy in 2022?

(Know a marketing or customer success team who is crushing it building community? Tag them so we can hear their stories.)


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