We're getting this thing down to a science.

Hopefully I don't jinx us, but we've found a collaborative format that allows hundreds #CS leaders and #csm's to join a Zoom call **and participate** in a meaningful way every single week.

It's called #CSLeadershipOfficeHours.

And it's become a key pillar of the Gain Grow Retain#customersuccess leadership community.

We meet tomorrow (Thursday) at 11:30am EDT.


Customer relationship mapping and getting beyond "single-threaded" customer relationships.

i.e. having more relationships within both large and small customers.

Such an important topic for #saas companies.

In fact, here's what David Skok has to say about it:

"The SaaS/recurring revenue subscription companies that I work with have clearly seen that when their champion leaves or gets moved to a different role, that is very strong predictor that the customer will churn."

David's got a wide view given his role with Matrix Partners.

It's an important topic and practice to nail.

Looking forward to the conversation tomorrow.

It's a great community and a great forum.

Who is one person you'd like to invite to office hours that may not have attended yet?

Give them a shout out 👇

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