“Our new logo sales are strong and departmental CSAT numbers look good. But our customers are still leaving.”


Because we are optimizing for departmental efficiency rather than customer effectiveness.

Most companies are set up to become ever more operationally efficient. And often, as we succeed, the customer is left holding together the pieces of a broken journey.

The result? Dissatisfaction. Missed expectations. Inability to achieve ***outcomes.***

The subscription model changed everything.

Customers can and will seek greener pastures before they become profitable, which is the fundamental challenge of running a #saas business. Retention is key to winning (let alone the missed opportunity for lower-cost growth).

We need to realize that we actually do have a great degree of control over the collective outcomes and experiences of our customers.

Question is... are we owning that opportunity, and driving it in a positive direction? Or are we allowing it to languish as we increase efficiency?

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