Here’s an example of something your CSMs could be doing instead of answering or chasing support cases:

Customer Joint Success Planning.

Let’s face it. We have all been riding the gravy train of an extremely healthy economy and at some point there will be a reckoning (maybe now?).

Instead of fearing it, we can get to work ensuring that our customers actually receive and understand the value that our products and services create for them.

Joint Success Planning is the process of *aligning* with our customers on how our relationship generates value.

We work with key stakeholders to collaboratively define, document and agree upon the following:

1. Goals and objectives
2. Success criteria
3. Metrics of success (SMART goals)
4. Key milestones and actions

That’s it. Pretty simple. But 90% of us are not having these conversations, even with our most strategic customers (much less mid market or smb customers).

How are you incorporating Joint Success Planning into the interactions you have with your customers? 👇

Would also love to hear from those scaling this process with your mid-tier and small customer accounts.
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