"Customer relationships are the key to our success."


If customer relationships are the key to your success, then there's probably a report I can run off your CRM data that describes:

- Relationship coverage and depth across customer tiers
- Relationship quality across each customer tiers
- Critical coverage gaps (red flag report)

Here's the deal. I've only ever seen a handful of these reports deployed.

Why? Because it's hard work to track the data, and even harder work to go establish, deepen and widen each relationship within an account.

But if, as many of us say, relationships are key to retaining customers, growing them, and making them advocates, then we had better be measuring them. It's a leading indicator of customer and revenue health.


Ziv Peled and I are teaming up with Scott Britton and the team at Troops to provide some education and discussion on this topic.

Friday, April 10, 11am EDT

We'd love to see you there AND to hear what you are already doing to develop, track and measure relationships.

In fact, share how you're doing it, and we'll give you a shout out on the call. ๐Ÿ‘‡

Registration info below.

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