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On standardizing the definition of #customersuccess.
Well, here are my thoughts...

We need a definition that our parents and grandparents would understand.

Not jargon.

Customer success is a *result*

It’s what happens when a buyer of a product gets the most value out of it.

The evidence?

The customer renews their contract.
Buys more from us.
Tells their friends about us.

How do we ensure those results?

Make customers feel welcome after they buy.

Train them.

Talk to them regularly (both the people who use the product and those who stroke the check for it).

Get their feedback.

Improve the product.

Then, tell them you did it.

Support them well.

Train them some more.

Talk to them some more.

This really isn’t rocket science.

We just have more fancy words to describe what we are doing.

We have more specialized teams to make it happen.

But we shouldn’t let all that get in the way of the basics.


Happy New Year!

Looking forward to a GREAT year with this community as we push the state of the art forward.

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