Customers are using your customer success team as support?

Here’s why that’s happening...

💩 The CSM role is ill-defined. Nobody seems to know what it’s purpose is, and so it devolved into an extension of support.

💩 There’s no difference between CSM, account manager, sales, or other customer facing role responsibilities.

💩  Implementation introduces the CSM post-onboarding, so the customer thinks it’s support (a better way: have the sales rep intro the CSM post-close).

💩  The support function is overloaded (or doesn’t exist) and can't handle complex problems. The customer escalates and CSMs are forced to take the lead.

💩 There aren’t any metrics that show the CSM team impact on revenue.

Instead of support, CSMs could be:

- Identifying pain
- Communicating value
- Sharing best practices
- Meeting new stakeholders
- Leading meetings with stakeholders
- Advocating for customers inside your company
- Identifying success risks before they become renewal issues

Much to gain by doing cs the right way: brand advocates, renewals, expansion sales.

What does your company expect to gain from having a CS team?

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