“We’ve established a customer success team as an extension of our support team but we are finding that they struggle to get beyond reactive support.”

A #customersuccess team isn’t support.

And it’s not sales.

And it’s not somewhere in between the two.

It’s a *consulting* function aimed at making your most valuable and high potential customers. To help them hit their goals. As people. As companies.


They need a separate charter centering on customer outcomes.

They need a prioritized list of strategic and high potential accounts to work with.

They need a playbook that is specific and has tools, templates and talk tracks for them to engage the customer.

They need to engage less hands-on in technical product matter and more in business consulting to help customers figure out how those buttons, and switches and doohickies in your product help them meet their business goals for the month, quarter, year...

I post about this a lot, but there’s still so much confusion about this role and it’s value in large, small, early stage and mature companies.

I worry that we are spending precious resources on a function we expect to help grow our business only to find that it’s a reactive extension of support.

How are you changing the script around CS in your org?

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