#customersuccess managers: if your customers aren't getting back to you right now, it's probably a signal.

Instead of pushing harder to connect with them, here are a few other avenues to consider:

🎯Double down on the customers who ARE talking to you - go deep with them and use this opportunity to strengthen your relationships.

🎯Prioritize outreach by industry. Retailers... probably aren't working right now, aim for the other verticals who aren't as hard-hit by corona.

🎯Provide something of value. An article, a solution for remote work with your product, something with entertainment value.

Now isn't the time to go deep on your company. It's time to talk to them about *THEM* and where they need help.

It's understandable that you want to connect, but remember "WIFM." What's in it for me? Why should they connect with you in the middle of crisis?

How have you adjusted your approach over the past few weeks? 👇

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