What does a Director of Customer Success do at Higher Logic / Vanilla Forums?

Leads People
The lifeblood of our organization. This will always be our first order of business.

Leads Customers
Builds proactive engagement approaches to help our customers meet their objectives, and make our users heroes.

Leads the Market
Engages in industry communities to understand our customers' opportunities, challenges, and business dynamics. They become thought leaders.

Leads within the Organization
Builds internal relationships and aligns their team with the processes and people in other parts of the business upon which they rely.

Guides the Business
Utilize the knowledge of our people, products, customers and the market to help us shape our business strategy.

It's a dynamic role.

A critical role.

An open role.

I'm hiring.

If this is you, I've put more information below, check it out.

If not, tag the best CS leader you've ever worked with.


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