All of a sudden, many leaders are running remote teams...

Customer Imperative has been 100% remote since day one so we’ve picked up some practices that have helped us be accountable to one another and to our clients.

One practice we’ve adopted is a daily standup meeting. 8:45-9:00am every weekday.

These used to be quick, open discussions but Jeff just recently installed the following structure which has been helpful to keep our stand ups short, sweet and impactful.

Everyone comes prepared to answer the following questions:

- What milestone are you working toward?

- What is the one, most important thing you have to get done today?

- Do you have any roadblocks?

- Where do you need help?

- What one relationship will you push forward today (generally a client or a partner)?

Oh, and cameras **ON**

This works for us. What’s working for you?👇

(P.S. I think that this epidemic is going to change the professional landscape for some time to come. Virtual events, remote work, etc. going to be interesting to watch.)

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