Effortless experiences...

I’ve always known Zappos as a customer centric company.

But today i experienced it firsthand.

I spent way too much on a pair of running shoes 5 months ago.

Last week the upper tore away from the sole on one shoe.


I love these shoes.

I opened the Zappos app, at the very top of the customer service page was a button to call customer service.

I hate calling but was in the car, so i did.

Short wait and i was on the phone with John from Las Vegas.

I explained what happed.

He looked up my account and purchase.

Asked me if i wanted the same shoe.

They were out of that model. So he upgraded me to the next edition.

And just like that, we were done.

No approvals necessary.

No questions asked.

Cordial, fast resolution.

Customer for life. I’ll never buy shoes anywhere else.

This kind of customer experience doesn’t happen by accident.

Problems are anticipated; and planned for.

Processes are designed to enable team members on the front lines. So THEY can solve problems for customers.

How much effort do your customers go through to solve their problems?

How could you reduce it?

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