CSMs - here why execs aren’t engaging:

- their time is limited
- they don’t know we are
- they aren’t sure of the value we offer

What we can do about it:

- send a case studies of similar companies
- send them valuable industry articles
- ask for their opinion on something
- invite them to an exclusive event
- offer an intro to an industry peer
- introduce them to your CxO

It can take up to 12 contact attempts for a sales person to get a prospect to take a call.

Most quit after they first five attempts.

(and the attempts are low quality) #quality

Same rules apply to CSMs looking to connect with new executives within an account.

New relationships aren’t a privilege they are an earned right.

So we must:

- provide value with every touch
- give before we ask / receive
- be persistent

What are some tactics you use to develop new customer relationships ?
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