Enterprise CSMs: How do you quickly communicate the status of an account to internal teammates and executives?

First? Keep is simple.

Second? Write it down.

I believe that even the most complex accounts can and should be summarized on one page.

Here's what I look for:

A brief narrative summary of the nature of our relationship. 3-4 sentences.

A list of key stakeholders and relationships:
> Who are the people involved?
> What role do they play?
> What influence do they have in the company?
> What's their 'personal win'?
> What’s their sentiment toward us?

Business objectives we’re supporting (i.e. what’s are the business outcomes the customer is looking to achieve?)
> How are we measuring progress against those outcomes?

Top 3-5 risks we’re monitoring

Key activities and milestones from delivery perspective

What else do you include in an account summary to keep your leadership team and peers informed about your largest accounts?

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