Four weeks ago, we launched Gain Grow Retain, the world's largest and most effective customer success community.

It started with a weekly "Office Hours" call to bring CS leaders together during the pandemic.

But It's grown into so much more, including a vibrant online community.

Here are a few of the discussions I'm following:

šŸ”„ High Touch vs. Low Touch with Monthly and Annual Contracts

šŸ”„ Business Reviews for SMB / Low Touch Customers

šŸ”„ Customer Success Strategy for Non-SaaS Businesses

šŸ”„ How CS Supports Free Trials

(References to all those discussions šŸ‘‡)

So many great topics and contributors who are *showing their work* and helping others.

It's free and publicly available, even if you don't join.

But we hope you'll join - and contribute.

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