Here are 6 questions you can use to improve customer retention.

With a catch...

Asking these questions every once in a while isn’t enough. Instead, we need to ask them repeatedly, on a consistent schedule, and in public.


Because asking the right questions consistently over time drives behavior.

And doing it in public helps everyone learn from and be accountable to one another.

If the team knows what will be asked of them, their day to day work will skew toward generating good answers.

So here they are:

- What is the primary use case?
- When was our last sponsor (buyer) interaction?
- What are their goals this year / quarter?
- Who are your trained power users?
- Is usage healthy?
- What is one way you can add/show more value to this customer?

Your questions might be different, but the goal is to keep it simple.

What questions would you add?

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