There's a ton of content out there on how to transition an account from Sales to #customersuccess...

But, how about CSM-to-CSM transitions? Here are some thoughts:

1. Make sure key accounts have a documented success plan (See example in comments. May need a more robust doc depending on the depth of relationship). Also the current CSM should make sure all contacts and conversations are up to date in Salesforce / CRM.

2. Current CSM informs key customer contacts on their next call, preferably 1:1.

3. Current CSM schedules call with new CSM for intros and to review success plan.

4. New CSM follows up with intro and contact info email.

5. After transition, send personalized note from CS leadership to check in on the transition and ensure it's gone smoothly.

6. Listen and respond to issues that arise during transition.

7. ...

This takes some work to get right, so prepare for it. But the extra effort you put in now will help avoid frustration later.

Great topic that my friend, Tyler Wonderlic, brought out.

Would love to hear how other leaders handle these transitions. 👊

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