"How can we scale customer success to our small customers?"

Success planning is a key part of an outcomes-based customer success program.

Scaling it to *all* of our customers, even small ones, can seem impossible...

But it's not.

We just have to put on our engagement marketer hat.

I started using Noom Inc. a couple of weeks to get myself back into shape after putting on the "Covid 5." (yes, it's a thing).

What I found in Noom impressed me.

They implemented customer success. At scale. For B2C. Right there inside the app.


* Predefined success criteria and risk factors for me to pick from
* In-app survey-style information capture
* Engaging content (and great copywriting) that drew me into the process

This technique also works for B2B. But first we have to *know your customers.*

And once we do, we're only limited by our creativity.

Would love to see more examples from the B2B world. Anyone have a cool example of how you're doing it? 👇

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