How do i break into customer success from other industries?

Get this question a lot, and here’s the advice i usually give…

There is a SaaS company / product for just about every industry under the sun.

In customer success, there are some skills that are valuable, like relationship and stakeholder management, problem solving and communications.

But every SaaS company needs people that can relate to its customers at the practitioner level. This is where customer success shines.

There are many roles in a SaaS company where market specific knowledge comes in really handy. Marketing, sales, product management, and… you guessed it, Customer Success.

So whatever industry you’ve worked in so far in your career, chances are that’s a great place to start:

Teacher? Look for Ed tech companies

Insurance agent? Risk and insurance tech

Paralegal? Legal tech

Manufacturing? Manufacturing tech

The list goes on and on.

Every industry is transformed by technology and software as a service. And every SaaS company relies on customer success (in some form or fashion) to maintain and grow its customer base.

Who do you know looking to break into customer success, give them a shout-out 👇
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