Running a meeting.

A core skill for almost every professional, especially #CSM’s.

Patrick Lencioni says that one hallmark of a great leader - whether an individual contributor or manager- is the ability to run an effective meeting.

Meetings are an opportunity drive decisions, create alignment, and to develop comradery amongst participants.

So we should maximize their use to our advantage.

How do we do that?

With some basic meeting management behaviors:

- Start on time

- Begin with intros (if necessary)

- Clarify the objective

- Have content to guide the discussion

- Ask open ended questions

- Read the “room” (you can do this virtually if you’re paying attention)

- Facilitate discussion by calling on people to speak

- Leave time to review actions / next steps

- End on time

What other techniques do you use to ensure that meetings with your customers and teams are worth the time we devote to them?

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