"How do we scale engagement to the long tail of customers?"

The 'long tail' is the high volume segment of smaller customers in almost every SaaS company's customer list. This segment usually has a #CSM assigned at a high ratio, like hundreds-to-one. Or maybe no CSM at all.

So what do you do?

How do you engage if you can't afford to build a 1:1 relationship with them all?

Build a community.

Provide educational events, targeted toward your customers' *specific* needs and opportunities. Collaboration opportunities amongst peers. Use tools like LinkedIn, Slack, Facebook, or Insided, Higher Logic or Tribe.

Help the long tail at scale. Talk to them when they raise their hand for help.

You help at scale and get the brand credit.

Who is seeing community make a difference? What does your community offer and how did you launch it?

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