How do you build a customer-centric dashboard?

I like the way Kerry Bodine outlines metric categories in her book, Outside In:

-> Descriptive - What happened?

-> Perception - What did the customer think about it?

-> Outcomes - What will the customer do about it?

I'd also add to outcomes: What value did the customer receive?

As a customer leader I like to have a blend of these metrics with snapshots over time.

Broken down by customer segment.

This helps me identify trends and **show the company** how issues in one area affect both customer and company outcomes.

e.g. When the number of critical product issues rise, inventory management effectiveness dips and NPS trends downward. And when these things happen, churn trends upward...

(that's not a universal truth, just an example inline with the dashboard example below).

Once a trend is identified, we can go investigate, validate, identify root cause and resolve.

Then monitor the metrics for improvement.

This is not departmental.

The customer is at the center.

What descriptive, perception, and outcome metrics are on your dashboard? And what tools did you use to implement it?

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