"How do you coach and train CSMs to be good at driving upgrades, renewals, thought-leadership, consulting/training clients, leading product discussions and more?"

You don’t...

In early stage SaaS companies, customer success becomes a catch-all.

And we hire a couple of unicorns that can do all those things well enough.

But at some point these become discrete job responsibilities:

- Customer onboarding
- Support
- Community
- Adoption
- Consulting
- Training
- Customer Success Management
- Renewal / Upsell / Expansion

We are burning people out with the "jack of all trades" model.

And we are missing opportunities to satisfy, retain and grow customers.

This is where customer journey design comes into play. If we separate roles, we still have to deliver seamless interactions with customers.

How are you maintaining customer experience while scaling your business and CS capabilities?

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