CSMs: How do you get sr. leaders to engage with you?

In addition to your day to day contacts.

How about this...

From page 42 of Practical CS Management by Rick Adams:

1. Get the person you *can* meet with to arrange the meeting with the person you *want* to meet with.

2. Speak the language of the person you *want* to meet with when talking to the person you *can* meet with.

(Buy the book, you won't be sorry.)

Everyone wants to meet their goals.

Managers are typically the arbiter of that success.

As a CSM you can frame success.

In language that resonates.

For your contact's boss.

Or the boss's boss.

Make them the hero of the story

And get the outcome you want.

What techniques and tools are you using to engage with senior stakeholders while maintaining positive relationships with day to day customer contacts?

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