“How much time should CSMs be spending with smaller accounts?”

Let’s pivot this question:

“How can we scale value and relationships with our 2nd, 3rd and 4th tier accounts?”

Here are a few ideas:

Facilitate many:many customer groups

Target content delivered to customer sub segments in similar industries or with similar needs and interests. Deliver from the CSM.

Facilitate a digital community (Slack, Insided, Higher Logic, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc)

Provide 1:many group training.

Standardize email communication templates that can be customized.

(Someday) Tour customers in close geographic proximity.

(Someday) Meet customers at our event and other industry events.

I think we often assume that to scale down into these tiers we just need to add more people. But adding more cost can’t be the answer.

We certainly need to standardize how we track these interactions and measure engagement.


What other techniques are you using to drive customer engagement and relationships outside of your large/strategic account tiers?

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