There's so much more going on with our customers than we can see.

If we are truly customer-centric, then we should commit to understanding them way more deeply.

Like understanding their internal pressures, deadlines, interdepartmental relationships, metrics, resource constraints, etc..

Over the past decade #productmgmt and #UX teams have become better at customer-centric design and discovery thanks to leadership from guys like Marty Cagan (Silicon Valley Product Group).

In #customersuccess we have ongoing relationships with our core customers. But we often provide haphazard, un-prioritized, unorganized and unfiltered feedback to marketing, sales and product.

It seems like we can be better enabling CS teams with discovery and inquiry skills (e.g. 5 whys to assess root needs) and processes to aggregate, prioritize and summarize customer environments, needs and challenges.

Curious to hear how others are utilizing CSMs (and other customer-facing teams) to better understand and support their customers - especially right now👇

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