I don't want to be an okay CSM, I want to be the best..

I had a call with a colleague who begins his first CSM job Monday. His question: "What should I do to be great?"

Here were my suggestions:

1. Be curious, ask business questions. Find out how customers' businesses work so you can tie your products and services to how they make money.

2. Build individual relationships by understanding what winning looks like for each contact. Help them achieve that.

3. Understand the health of your book of business and create a forecast of renewals.

4. Work with key customers to define and track a measurable success plan (see link to template 👇).

5. Drive account growth. Identify opportunities to expand the value you provide to each customer. Work with sales to close them.

It's not about technical support. That's the Support team's job.

It's all about making sure that each customer gets a business result they can see and feel. That each person you work with is furthering their career.

That's what creates customers for life.

What additional advice would you give my friend?

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