"I don't want to be an okay CSM, I want to be the best."

I had a call with an old colleague yesterday who begins a new job as a CSM on Monday.

First-time CSM.

I loved his question - what should I do to be great?

Here is my advice for him and anyone else entering into this field:

1. Find out how your customers make money so you can tie your products and services to their *business results*

2. Build individual relationships by helping each contact achieve a *personal* win.

3. Understand the overall health of your book of business (positive outcomes lead to renewals and expansion).

4. Work with customers to define and track against measurable business goals (use a Joint Success Plan).

5. Drive growth in your accounts by identifying opportunities to expand the value you provide to each customer.

It's not about technical support. That's Support's job.

It's not about account management.

It's about making sure that each customer is generating a business result that they can *feel.*

That's what creates customers for life.

Yes, you need to be knowledgable on the product. And be aware of revenue growth.

But starting with these 5 things will take you a long way toward being great.

What additional advice would you give my friend?

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