“Implementation isn’t quite done.”

What happens when customers transition out of the onboarding team and they still have loose ends on implementation?

It’s frustrating for teams internally and customer needs gets lost amongst the internal confusion about what it means to be “done.”

The ball gets dropped.

#customersuccess ends up finishing the process. And then they become a technical support resource from the customer’s perspective.

Here are a few techniques to consider:

👉 set specific, measurable milestones the scope of the implementation

👉 clarify role of CSM vs onboarding team members down to the RACI level (i.e. who is responsible, accountable, consulted, informed for each task)

👉 instead of waiting until after implementation, introduce the CSM at close of sale and use them to push the customer to stay engaged with the implementation process

👉 set a joint success planning session with the customer for the expected onboarding completion date. Use it to review goals and any implementation blockers

Onboarding is a crucial part of the customer journey. Curious what others doing to ensure it gets done right 👇
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