"Is #customersuccess irrelevant right now?"

I've gotten this question a couple times over the past two weeks.

My answer? As you may have guessed, is an emphatic **NO.** In fact it's MORE Important now than ever.

Guess what we're going to need after the covid crisis subsides?


So right now, customers are more important than revenue.

Customers are more important than new logos.

Customers are more important than margin.

If you can afford to give a break on payment and contract terms >>without putting yourself out of business<<, do it.

You'll create strong advocates for when this clears up. And it'll be much less expensive than acquiring new logos to catch up later.

This was a great topic on last week's #CSLeadershipOfficeHours call last week (with over 90 participants). We're meeting again this Thursday, April 2 at 11:30am EDT. Please join us.

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