#CustomerSuccess people: There are a ton of smart marketing and sales people with extra time on their hands right now. They are developing creative ways to engage the market and your customers.

So our contacts may have more noise to cut through than normal. Let’s make sure we aren’t adding to the clutter and that we’re bringing true value.

First, we need to understand each customer's situation and tailor our offers to help.

Is the customer thriving?
Provide extra capacity, reduce any friction related to more usage.

Holding steady?
Offer health checks and process reviews.

In survival mode?
Provide flexible commercial options, or simply stay out of the way!

Now isn't a time to relax. It’s time to hustle, connect, learn from customers and adjust. What creative, innovative and helpful solutions will bring true **value?**

Maybe it's as simple as a community collaboration opportunity or as robust as a new product offering.

What value are you offering your customers right now? 👇

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