I was not a good accounting student in college.

It didn’t resonate.

Couldn’t connect it to the real world.

And, I can remember the first time i was exposed to a p&l (profit and loss statement) as a manager.

I was bewildered.

But over time I learned what the numbers meant.

...how they related to decisions i was making.

...how I could make decisions that would move the numbers and metrics on those statements.

Building an understanding of the underlying business may be one of the most important, underlying skills for a #customersuccess leader.

It will enable you to be a partner to your leadership team in building the business.

So how do you get up to speed?

Two suggestions:

1. Read the book Financial Intelligence as a quick primer (I’m on a book kick this week..)

2. Talk with your CFO or VP, Finance. Ask questions such as:
- How are CS coats counted in our company?
- When does a new customer actually turn into revenue for the business?
- What is the impact is our retention rate having on our growth rate?

Every Finance person I’ve ever met was willing to help me understand when I took an interest in their world.

How are you developing your financial a understanding, and how has it impacted your career? 👇

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