#customersuccess isn’t about reducing churn.

It’s about preventing it from ever becoming a problem.

By maximizing the results customers get from using your products.

It goes beyond the CSM role...

* Marketing
* Sales
* Product
* Engineering
* Services
* Support
* Customer success management
* Education
* Ops
* Finance
* HR (yes, HR!)

...all rowing the boat together in the same direction.

CS leaders, your role is a big one.

Championing customers across the company.

We just completed 50 in 50.

An exercise for me, my CEO and CPO to speak with 50 customers in 50 days.

We captured qualitative data.

As well as sentiment and key driver metrics.

Now we are sharing those insights (good, bad and ugly) with the company through our internal employee community.

What are some of the ways you are sharing the customer voice internally to drive alignment and proactive customer success across all the areas of your business?

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