Segmentation, journey mapping, account coverage...

...all great things.

But there's a simpler way to begin building or transforming into a #customersuccess focused company.

Here are five programs you can kick off immediately:

1. Joint Success Planning - build a success plan (account plan) together with your top customers to make sure there's a joint roadmap for the relationship.

2. Customer Health Scoring - identify the 5-7 factors that are associated with consistent customer renewals. Turn them into a score to help forecast renewal likelihood.

3. Internal QBRs - review key accounts and customer segments with a cross-functional team each quarter. Bring whatever sentiment, usage, and renewal data you have.

4. Deploy Closed-loop NPS - Begin soliciting feedback from customers. Survey 1/12 of your base each month and **follow up** with those who give you negative marks.

5. Monthly Renewal / Expansion Pipeline Review - Include a mix of sales, marketing and CS to help combat risk and pursue opportunities.

Start doing these 5 things today and you'll be better than 75% of your competitors.

Add segmentation, deliberate journey design and account coverage planning to the mix and you'll be in the top 20% of all #saas companies.

What else would you add? 👇

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