There are many ways to structure #customerssuccess.

And there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer.

But there's one thing we *must* do...

--> listen to customers to figure it out

We spoke with 50 Higher Logic customers in 50 days and they told us that they wanted to maximize the value of our products within their business.

And that they wanted more guidance from us on how to do that.

So we're pivoting our #customersuccess model..

To focus on relationships.

Understanding customer business goals.

...and to provide solutions, best practices, training and collaboration opportunities with our team and amongst our customer base.

Through one-on-one interactions with our #CSM and services teams, yes.

But also through live/virtual events, knowledge base, in-app tools and most importantly (IMO) our user community.

We want every customer to maximize each dollar they spend with us.

The outcomes we anticipate if they do?
- More advocates
- Higher retention
- More opportunities to grow with our customers

Win, win.


What's one change (big or small) you've recently made in your business based on what customers told you?
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