CSMs, I have 6 questions that’ll change your life.

Don’t believe me?

Check this out:

It’s called MEDDIC, a qualification process designed by PTC in the 90s and still used by sales teams today.

We can use MEDDIC to ensure customer value delivery and communication at all levels of your customer org.

Super helpful at renewal time .. and between renewals.

Here it is:

What are the customer’s quantifiable goals?

Economic buyer
Who’s the budget owner a.k.a your executive sponsor?

Decision criteria
What does the customer expect of your company and solution?

Decision process
Who signs and approves (key at renewal time)?

Identify pain
What’s the VALUE prop; problem you’ll solve?

Who is the beneficiary and advocate for you inside the customer?

This scales up to big customers and down to smaller ones.

The work is in finding answers to each question. Once you do - and * act * upon what you find - you will be in a better position to renew each of your customers.

Join Kristi Faltorusso, Jeff Breunsbach and me right here Wednesday, August 18 at 12:30 pm EDT for a live chat about how to map and engage your customers in this process. Should be fun .. always is!

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