Can we talk about customer success v. customer experience.. again?

My perspective:

(I need a good venn diagram if anyone has one they like).

Customer Success is the work of helping customers realize measurable value from your products and services.

Key word -> measurable

Furthermore it's how we build and maintain individual relationships with customers at scale. From awareness to onboarding, adoption, and right on through to results.

#CustomerSuccessManagers often play the central role in orchestrating the two processes above.

Customer Experience, on the other hand, is the collective set of interactions customers have with your brand (I say "customers" inclusive of prospects).

It includes identification, measurement and sentiment related to each touch point a customer has with your company.

As companies grow, CX teams emerge whose job it is to measure and drive improvements in customer interactions.

A popular formula that circulates throughout the CS community is: CX + CO = CS (CO stands for customer outcomes).

How do you explain the difference between Experience and Success to your company?

(and I wasn't kidding about the venn diagram 😉)

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