New to customer success?

Here are a few tips I shared with a friend of mine who is taking on a CSM role for the first time:

1. Be curious, ask business questions. Find out how your customers' businesses work so you can tie your products and services to how they make money.

2. Build individual relationships. Find out what winning looks like for each contact you make. Help them achieve that.

3. Understand the health of your accounts. Create a forecast of renewals and expansion opportunities.

4. Track a measure a Joint Success Plan (template linked below) with each of your top customers.

5. Drive growth. Identify expansion opportunities and work with sales to close them.

This isn't technical support. It's about ensuring each customer gets a business result they can see and feel, and having a strong connection to the market.

It's about making sure the customer gets the glory for achieving an outcome.

Do these things and you'll create customers for life.

What would you add to my list?

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