Had the opportunity to catch up with fellow #customersuccess geek, Nick Mehta, yesterday to compare notes on what we're seeing in the market.

First off, it's always fun to brainstorm with someone who thinks about this stuff as much as we do. 🤓

But one of the items we riffed on is the need for #cs teams and #finance to be working more closely together. The influx of customer requests for contract flexibility has revealed cracks in the process and relationship between these two departments.

Now’s a great time to change that. For two reasons:

1) Customer success teams are a great source of intelligence to inform our cashflow forecast.

2) We need a customer-centric process that allows us to be highly responsive to customer contractual requests.

…and building this bridge now will likely serve us well into the future.

Finance and CS Leaders: How are you working differently together than you were just 30 days ago?

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