Yesterday, Anthony Kennada announced weekly Office Hours for CMOs.

We've decided to follow suit, and are launching #CSLeaderOfficeHours for the customer success leadership community (Directors, S/VPs, and CCOs).

This week Jeff Breunsbach and I are teaming up with our friends Ziv Peled of AppsFlyer, Megan Bowen of Platterz, and Boaz S. Maor of talech.

The format is a weekly, hour-long virtual call (via Zoom) where we'll discuss what we’re seeing in our businesses and provide space for Q&A and collaborative feedback from peers on questions such as:

- How are we leading our teams remotely?
- How will we continue to drive value for customers?
- How will we ensure renewals in the months ahead?

Our first Office Hours call is **this Thursday,** March 19 at 11:30am EDT.

Please follow the link to the two-question survey below to sign up and we'll add you to the invite.

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