Our meetings suck.

There's never been a better time to rethink the structure and goals of our meetings.

I'm a huge Patrick Lencioni fan. His perspective is that running a great meeting is a core discipline of a leader.

In his book Death by Meeting, he describes a framework that includes four types of meetings:

1. The daily check-in (5-10 mins): high level, where is everyone and what's on your plate today. If this meeting takes more than 5-10 minutes, we're doing it wrong.

2. The weekly tactical meeting (45-90 mins):
a.k.a. staff meeting. Review indicators for key initiatives, set agenda priorities in the first 15 minute and hit the most important **operational** topics. If strategic issues come up, put them in a 'parking lot.'

3. Ad-hoc strategic meetings (2-4 hours):
Meetings dedicated to the most important strategic items in the parking lot. Longer, more focused meetings on a specific strategic topic.

4. Quarterly offsite (1-2 days):
Routine team building and overall strategy review.

Curious if anyone is taking the remote work concept a step further and actually changing **how** you run meetings to be more effective?

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