Let’s talk about some vocabulary:

📊 Quarterly Business Review (QBR) -

an *internal* company meeting designed to check status of new business, expansions and renewals across a segment of business.

🛩 Executive Business Review (EBR) -

an *external* review with your customer to include the exec sponsor(s) of the relationship.

And, you can name the EBR something that resonates with your customer, like:

“Recruiting effectiveness review”

“Inventory optimization review”

“Community engagement strategy review”

...name it something associated with the goal your exec sponsor is trying to reach (pro tip brought to you by Nils Vinje), and you can avoid the perception you’re meeting just to sell something.

I digress..

Both of these are important forums with different purposes (no matter what you call them).

What vocabulary do you use for these in your company, and how did you come up with it?

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