Perrenial question in customer success: how are renewals, upselling, and cross selling handled?

Here’s how we do it...

- CSM is accountable for renewal
- Renewal Mgr is responsible for renewal
- Sales exec is responsible for up / x-sell

The CSM focuses on:

- Building relationships
- Showing value to stakeholders
- Identifying opportunities for growth
- coordinating internal resources on behalf of customer

Renewal manager focuses on:

- Renewal communications
- Negotiating renewal parameters
- Executing renewal contracts

Sales people focus on:

- Building relationships in new areas
- Positioning new products and services
- Executing expansion sales

We are a multi-product company so our CSMs also have access to industry and product experts to consult with and guide customers where necessary.

Not everyone has the same structure, which is okay.

This is working for us, and ensures every customer has someone looking after value, adoption, retention, and expansion.

Plenty of nuance behind it but these are the basics.

What you do differently and why?

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