one of the worst answers we can give customers in response to product feature requests.

Here are the only two acceptable answers I use:

“yes” (because you know for a **fact** it’s in the next release)


“no, but we will register your interest and reach out to you if that changes. AND, that’s because we are currently focused on XYZ.”

The 2nd answer is:

- clear (even if uncomfortable)

- helps ensure you don’t end up having to revisit the discussion every week or month

- helps the customer understand our product strategy and *why* their request does or does not fit into it right now

- commits to us following up at the right time (make sure you have a process between Product and CS for this!)

Working with customers and product to manage product ideas and communicate roadmaps is a key element of customer success in b2b saas.

Saying “no” the right way builds credibility.

How are you handling inbound and outbound product communications with your customers?👇

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