We had a customer cancel.

Then, they changed their mind and stayed.

So what changed?

Instead of sending them a survey to ask why they were leaving, we have a call.

On that call we expressed our regret that we hadn’t served them better.

We asked questions that helped us understand their business direction and why they had chosen to go a different direction.

We made it clear that we would do everything I’m our power to make their transition smooth. Including including some flex on their contract term dates.

Their comment on the call: “We like the way you do business.”

Several weeks later they decided that staying with us was the right way to go.

I’m proud of our team’s work in that moment.

It reinforced for me that if you do everything in your power to make a customer successful - even on the way out the door - good things happen.

Also that a real human engagement is so much more powerful than a survey, even if a customer is on the way out..

Even if they hadn’t decided to stay, they still would have left as a brand advocate.

So, my question for you is this:

Where can you incorporate more human conversation into your customer journey - to find out what’s really happening with your customers?

It might not scale. But the effectiveness is off the charts.

(Check out this GGR episode with Gurdev Anand where he and Jeff go deep on this and other brand advocacy topics 👇)

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