Here are 6 things a CS leader can do to scale their team:

1. Communicate your purpose statement
2. Hold regular meetings with Product
3. Hold a regular staff meeting
4. Hold a team account review
5. Do regular one-on-ones with team members
6. Write it down! (document your processes)

Some more details:

1. Write and communicate a purpose statement

What is the main activity of the team, and what metrics will you use to measure it? What impact do those activities have on net retention? Net retention itself is not the only purpose of the team, that’s the whole company’s goal and it won’t differentiate you.

2. Hold a regular meeting with Product

Ensure that your CSMs know the product roadmap as well as anyone in the company, and that they can effectively communicate it to customers. Bring a synthesized view of customer needs to this meeting - one voice across all your customers. Help Product prioritize on your behalf.

3. Hold a regular staff meeting

This is your forum to roll out new processes, preview upcoming changes, cascade company messaging and build team camaraderie.

4. Hold a team account review

Account troubleshooting and planning should be done publicly where possible. This allows everyone to learn together. It also improves information sharing and the quality of ideas for dealing with customer situations. A great place to surface playbooks that need developing.

5. Hold regular 1:1s with your team members

Let the team member guide the agenda. Focus on career growth, process feedback and issues we want to solve. 1:1s aren’t for account troubleshooting. That should be done in the team account review where possible.

6. Write down processes and playbooks

Launch a wiki-style documentation repository and go to town. Don’t wait on the perfect tool or structure. You need a list of repeatable processes, both internal and external, that align to the customer journey stages. In most companies, far too much of this information is tribal knowledge which is why your onboarding is so difficult. Write it down!

How are you scaling your customer success team?

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Here are 6 things a CS leader can do to scale their team: TL;DR1. Communicate your purpose statement2. Hold regular meetings with Product3. Hold a ... 32 comments on LinkedIn