Job opportunities are opening up, but they aren't public.


Because supply of labor is far outweighing demand.

Over the past decade many recruiters have shifted resources away from sifting and sorting inbound applications to employment marketing and outbound outreach to attract talent.

When the situation flipped overnight, teams were not set up to handle sorting of inbound applications again.

What does this mean if you're seeking employment?

You've gotta *network*

Not just submit online applications.

Networking may feel a little foreign to some. And that's understandable.

But realize that you are now in sales. Selling yourself.

Fortunately there are some really smart #sales folks out there providing a lot of guidance on networking that might be helpful.

For example here are a few gold nuggets from Josh Braun:

- Keep intros simple, don't overwhelm early with a full backstory

- Research your target. Engage on a specific, relevant topic

- Give before you get. Might be as simple as sharing an article or a template you've used in your prior work

- Be patient. You may not get a response on the first try. Or third. Or seventh. Be persistent

Check out his feed

What are other job seeker networking suggestions do you have?

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